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Wild Temptation
sexy, sensual, satisfying


Updated September 12th, 2014

Hello Readers:

As you know, I use this site to specifically promo my self-published titles. And I finally have a new one available!

This set, Men of Calder County, contains 13 novellas by 13 authors.

All the stories are about tantilizing Texas men! My story is titled Falcon. He's a sheriff facing trouble as well as the woman he left behind in their hometown of Bounty, Texas.

Click here to order from or for more information!

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If you're interested in ALL of my titles -- the self-published ones, as well as my digital and print releases from Ellora's Cave, Changeling Press, and Simon & Schuster -- please visit my official author site at: or for full details.

I've highlighted the Kindle versions of my short stories below since you can download a Kindle app to most devices. However, if you want another format, all titles are also available at Smashwords. Simply click this Smashwords link, then scroll down the page. Most of my stories/books are also available at, B&N, Kobo & Apple.



Sweet Sensations can be FIRE HOT.

Out-of-work Candy Valentine is seeking a position in an erotic candy shop, owned by her former flame, Trevor Brannigan. When Trevor's hesitant to hire her for the holiday, Candy shows him some oral skills not included on her job application.

What neither of them expects is for her actions to rekindle old feelings from the past which has them both thinking about a new relationship for the future.

** An All Romance eBooks bestseller


Holiday wishes can come true.

Julie's holiday isn't feeling very festive this year. There's no hunk for her to kiss under the mistletoe on Christmas. Or so she thinks. Until her one true love unexpectedly reappears in her life.

He left her once, and no matter how hot the sexual sparks between her and Jab still are, trusting him again isn't easy. Only after she finds out the real reason Jab left her is she able to open her heart to their love and fall back into his embrace.

** An All Romance eBooks bestseller


Rip off this corset and ride me hard, cowboy.

While dressing for an Old West promotion at a local costume store, Lily learns her best friend's brother wants more from her than just to act as her escort. She's had her eye on him for years. Now she sees her chance to finally lasso the major hunk.

Jason doesn't much care for the cowboy outfit he's been put in for the theme party. But after he sees Lily in her saloon girl costume, he's all for it -- and for ripping the corset off her to see the sexy body hidden underneath.

One cowboy, one saloon girl, one wild and sensual ride. Yee-haw!

** A P&E Readers Poll Top10 Finisher, Best Romance Short Story
** An All Romance eBooks bestseller


Mild-mannered, university professor by day. Exotic, male stripper by night.

When Celia discovers her psychology professor taking off his clothes at Hot Bullets, she can't believe her eyes. Nor can she look away, especially after he spots her in return. Seeing him half-naked and sexier than ever, her long-time secret desire for him escalates.

The next day, Peter confronts her after class and sparks fly as he lets her know that he wants her too. He has some lessons for her, not included in the class syllabus. Blindfolded and bent over his desk, she succumbs to him, and he gives her all the extra instruction she can handle.

** An All Romance eBooks bestseller


Val has a chocolate fetish. Nathan's fetish is far more interesting.

On a lonely stormy night, Val plans to spend a quiet evening at home alone. She certainly isn't expecting to be seduced. But Nathan has other plans. And who is she to say no to a man with delicious chocolate eyes and a drool-worthy body?

When she discovers he harbors a secret fetish for light bondage -- something she's always longed to try -- there's no way she can send him back outside and into the storm.

** An All Romance eBooks bestseller